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CuddleCot Online Pregnancy & Infant Loss Conference

November 20th | 10 - 11:30 AM CST | Zoom

Bringing together those focused on creating and maintaining a higher level of standardised bereavement care in the US

Led by CuddleCot, this virtual conference unites professionals committed to setting and upholding care standards for families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss in the USA.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask experts questions, learn from exemplary case studies, and gain the knowledge needed to advocate for quality bereavement care. Hear from our panel of advocates driving change at facility, health system, state, and federal levels, and make a meaningful difference for those in your care.


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Join us for the CuddleCot Pregnancy & Infant Loss Conference, a virtual conference dedicated to best practices of those supporting families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.

This event brings together healthcare professionals, bereavement care specialists, and families to discuss best practices, share experiences, and explore innovative solutions to enhance bereavement care at every level. Through insightful sessions and meaningful discussions, we aim to foster a compassionate community and provide families with the resources and support they need during their most challenging times.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a transformative conversation about loss, healing, and hope for the future of US healthcare!

Our Guest Speakers

Hannah Fox

Hannah Fox

Director Of Nursing at Banner Health, Arizona
Hannah Fox, Director of Nursing for Women and Infant Services at Banner Health in Phoenix, has been instrumental in driving change within her facility. Banner Health is recognized not only as one of America’s most trusted companies but also as one of its most innovative. Join us as Hannah shares how she and her team are transforming bereavement care at their facility.
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Discover how our guest speaker is transforming bereavement care and implementing standardized care policies at a healthcare system level. Learn practical ways to create change for those in your care.

Dr. Michael Bullock

President of Miles' Mission & Senior Pastor, Ohio
Dr. Michael Bullock has experience affecting change at the state level in Ohio and is actively involved in numerous organizations. Along with his family, he founded Miles’ Mission, a ministry dedicated to connecting organizations, government agencies, and the faith-based community to promote the mental, physical, and spiritual health of individuals in need.
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Learn how our guest speaker is revolutionizing bereavement care and establishing standardized care policies at the federal level. Discover practical methods to effect change for those under your care.

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Submit your questions to our panel for discussion at the online conference. Whether you want to talk about the future of bereavement care, the challenges you're facing, or highlight the great work being done, we want to hear from you!

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Each speaker will have a designated time to discuss how they and their team are implementing changes for the bereaved, spanning from individual facilities to the state level.

US Based Charities Working Towards Quality Bereavement Care For All

Miles' Mission (US)

Beyond personal experiences, we aim to advocate for better medical benefits, increased access to mental health support, and serve as a reminder to faith-based organizations of their profound role in bringing spiritual healing to all.



Butterfly Kisses Alliance

Butterfly Kisses Alliance is a charitable foundation that was founded in 2023 by a group of nurses that are passionate about perinatal bereavement. We are dedicated to providing support and resources to families and individuals who have been affected by the death of a baby, whether before, during or shortly after birth.


Mothers of Held Angels (US)

MOHA provides comfort boxes to grieving families in the hospital including “Day of Loss Resources” explaining what to expect in those initial days and ways to make memories with their babies.

It is their mission to provide a CuddleCot and CuddleBlanker to as many hospitals as possible


The Helen James Foundation (US)

The Helen James foundation supports grieving families who have experienced a pregnancy and infant loss or infertility. They provide CuddleCots, bereavement rooms and have partnered with the Texas Health Resources.


rain bowie
Chandler and paisley
's Embrace

Rain-Bowie Foundation (US, Louisiana) 

Rain-Bowie's mission is to fundraise so they can "fill every hospital in Louisiana with an ample amount of CuddleCots and help beautiful families with fertility finances."



Loving Tanner (US)

Loving Tanner work to educate the public and break the stigma associated with pregnancy and infant loss. Their organisation is part of the initiative to place a Cuddle Cot in every US hospital.

They fundraise for CuddleCots, and offer care boxes, peer support, certificates of life, and remembrance items all free of charge


Chandler & Paisley Skies (US)

Shortly after Chandler and Paisely passed away, friends began to send Dusty and Michelle pictures of brilliant pink and blue skies. Soon, these skies became known as #chandlerandpaisleyskies

They are non-profit foundation established to place CuddleCots in US hospitals, to help bereaved parents have more time with babies.


Ashlies Embrace (US)

Erin and Anthony Maroon’s first child, Ashlie, was stillborn at full term in October 2015. 

Ashlie’s Embrace provides CuddleCots to medical facilities across the United States to help support families experiencing stillbirth or infant loss.


Listen to founder Erin as she talks about the mission of Ashlie's embrace: Spotify / Apple podcasts

Canadian based charities

MGF Logo (white)

Maxwell George Fleming Foundation

"The Maxwell George Fleming Foundation’s mission is to provide hospitals in Canada with CuddleCot’s™, which allow bereaved families experiencing the loss of an infant the ability to spend more physical time with their child and to ensure all hospitals in Canada have access to a CuddleCot™"


Instagram: @mgffoundation

Facebook: MGF Foundation


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