CuddleCot provides comfort to the mum of a premature son who only survived for 90 minutes

Cally-Ann Ahearne, 30, said staff at The Grange University Hospital are ‘worth their weight in gold’ for allowing her to say goodbye to her baby son Junior.

When she was 20 weeks pregnant, Cally-Ann Ahearne was told a number of abnormalities were found with her unborn baby son. Four weeks later, the news every mum-to-be dreads was delivered by doctors – he would stand no chance of survival.

But rather than accepting that she would deliver a stillborn, Cally fought to get him out while his heart was still beating – and she gave birth to him 16 weeks early on Saturday, August 13 weighing a tiny 1lb 7oz. Just 90 minutes after Junior Jack Ahearne was brought into the world he passed away in his mum’s arms.

Just days on from the horrific ordeal, Cally praised staff at The Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran for allowing her to make precious memories with her son in the short time they had together. She was also able to make use of a CuddleCot that allowed her to spend more time with her baby and find a profound sense of closure.

While Cally was recovering from the operation, she said the CuddleCot, which preserves the baby for as long as possible, allowed her to be with Junior for much longer than she anticipated. “He was in the cot next to me, he still had his colour, his skin was so soft. Without that I don’t think I would have been able to cope,” she added.

“It also allowed my family to come and see him and bond with him. The nurses also got him dressed, took footprints for me, and I was in a lovely room away from other newborn babies crying. I cannot fault [the hospital staff] from start to finish.”

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