Grief Support

Grief is a natural response to loss, and everyone experiences grief differently.

We know that not every family may choose to use a CuddleCot or CuddleBlanket, but we do hope that every family is offered the option to use them when the need arises.

It is our mission to help raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal death and the wider support that is available.

Talking about grief with GriefChat

Everyone grieves in a way that is unique to them and their relationship with the person who has died. Well-intentioned people may say to you, 'Time is a great healer.' Sometimes, however, it can seem that life is more difficult as the weeks and months go by.

We know that no-one can understand exactly what your loss feels like to you. But we do understand that it's sometimes easier to talk to someone outside of your friends and family about grief and the impact of bereavement of your life and this is why we offer the GriefChat service.

GriefChat was created by bereavement experts and by clicking on the GriefChat box below, you can chat directly to a specially trained bereavement counsellor. GriefChat counsellors are experienced in supporting bereaved people and will listen to your story, explore how your grief is affecting you and help you to find any additional support you might need.

GriefChat is a completely free service and is available Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm (except Bank Holidays).

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Support for Bereaved Siblings

Winston's Wish
Offer support to bereaved children, their families and professionals.

The Lily Mae Foundation

offers a comprehensive and unique range of supporting programmes to bereaved parents, their families and friends via 1-1 Support services, monthly meet ups, online groups, their podcast and more. Visit their site here (UK)

The National Alliance for Children's Grief (US)

NACG raises awareness about the needs of children who are grieving and provides resources for anyone who supports them. Including support groups and toolkits.


Sands (UK)

aims to offer parents some helpful resources to begin conversations with siblings of all ages, as well a suggest activities for children to remember their baby brother or sister and express how they feel.

Support for bereaved parents of twins or triplets

Footprints Baby Loss is a bereavement charity that provides support to parents and families who experience the death of one or more of their twins or triplets before, during or after birth.

"We are a charity run by bereaved parents, for bereaved parents. Our support is provided by those who have had first hand experience of twin or triplet loss."

Support includes befriending, online support groups and an online community private group. (UK)

Multiple Births Foundation (MBF)
Provides support and information for multiple birth families (including bereavement support) and information for professionals.

Tamba Bereavement Support Group
Offers support for families who have lost one or more children from a multiple birth during pregnancy, birth or at any time afterwards.
(Part of the Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba)

Organisations for bereaved parents

MOHA, hopes to create a voice for grieving mothers who have held their baby after their passing, to provide immediate day-of-loss resources and ongoing bereavement support for all family members, and to raise public awareness about the unimaginable pain and heartbreak surrounding loss. Visit their site here (Texas, US)

Offers support for families of premature or sick babies, including bereaved families.

The Compassionate Friends
An organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents that offer support to others after the death
of a child or children.

PALS services include an online magazine, online support groups, local meet-ups, outreach and education, resource listings for families and healthcare providers, and more. Visit their site here (Minnesota, US)

Bereavement Advice Centre
Offers information and advice for people with practical concerns after the death of someone close to them.

Féileacáin (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support) was formed by a group of bereaved parents to offer support to anyone affected by the death of a baby around the time of birth, and the organisation is now the national charity supporting families affected by perinatal loss. Visit their site here. (Ireland)

Action on Pre-Eclampsia (APEC)
Helps and supports women and their families who are affected by or worried about pre-eclampsia and aims to raise public and professional awareness of pre-eclampsia.


Ectopic Pregnancy Trust
Provides support and information for people who have had or been affected by an ectopic pregnancy, including health professionals.

Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC)
Offers non-directive individualised information and support for parents making decisions around antenatal testing, including when a baby has a significant anomaly.

Child Bereavement UK (CBUK)
Provides support for families when a baby or child has died or is dying and offers support for children faced with bereavement.

Miscarriage Association
Offers support and information for individuals affected by pregnancy loss and health care professionals.

Lullaby Trust
Offers support and advice for parents whose baby dies suddenly and advice on safer sleep.


Financial Support for bereaved parents

Including funeral information, child benefit, stopping baby related mailings

Money Advice Service
Provides free and impartial money advice, including information for bereaved parents about benefits and
entitlements after the death of their baby.

Funeral Payments – NI Direct
Financial help that is available for individuals on low-incomes in Northern Ireland who need help to
pay for a funeral that they are arranging.

Funeral Payments – UK Government
Financial help that is available for individuals on low-incomes in England, Wales and Scotland who need
help to pay for a funeral that they are arranging.

Jobcentre Plus – Bereavement Services Helpline
Provides information about benefits claims.
Telephone: 0345 608 8601

Working Families
Helps working parents, carers and their employers balance home and work responsibilities. They also
provide information about parents’ rights at work and to benefits after they experience miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death.

Child Benefit Office
Parents can contact the Child Benefit Office at HM Revenues and Customs for information about
eligibility, claiming and stopping Child Benefit.

Baby Mailing Preference Service (MPS) online
Free site where parents can register online to stop or help reduce baby-related mailings.

The Natural Death Centre
Offers support, advice and guidance for families and other individuals who are arranging a funeral, including
information about environmentally-friendly funerals and woodland burial sites.

Fertility support for bereaved families

Fertility Network UK
Provides support for people dealing with infertility and/or who are facing involuntary childlessness.

Photography Support for bereaved families

Remember My Baby Remembrance Photography
UK-based charity who have professional photographers who voluntarily provide their photography services to parents whose baby dies before, during or shortly after birth.

Gifts of Remembrance
Provides photography training for hospital staff and volunteers who support parents after a stillbirth or
neonatal death.

Now I lay me down to sleep
A US website that puts bereaved parents in touch with professional photographers who will take
photographs of their babies at no cost. Photographers in the UK can also be found through the Find a Photographer page.

Cruse Bereavement Care
Offers support to bereaved people

Our Missing Peace
Resources for bereaved families and a helpful repository of information under ‘useful links’ across the four
Home Nations.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity
Offers support to families in England with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

Registry Offices for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
England and Wales: General Register Office
Scotland: National Records for Scotland
Northern Ireland: General Register Office Northern Ireland (GRONI)

Offers relationship support to help people strengthen their relationships.


Together for Short Lives
Offers support for families with children who have life-threatening or life-limiting conditions and professionals
and services (including children’s hospices).

United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking (UKAMB)
Supports human milk banking and aims to provide safe and screened donor breastmilk for premature and
sick babies.


International Support

Compassionate Friends International support:

Do you need to speak to someone now?


Samaritans 116 123 (UK)For anyone, at anytime, for any reason
Childline0800 1111Support for 18yrs & under and their relatives
Silverline0800 470 8090Support for the over 50's


Useful links: National Specialist Support Services

The Good Grief Trust - Find local support to you

Cruse - Largest national charity for the bereaved

London Friend - Support and counselling for the LGB&T community

Winston's Wish - Specialist support for bereaved children and their families

Grief Encounter - Support for bereaved children and their families

Sue Ryder Online Community and Online Bereavement Counselling

Sudden - Support for people bereaved by sudden death

Muslim Bereavement Support Service - Support for Muslim women after the death of a loved one

Jewish Bereavement Support Services - Support for the Jewish community after a death

Sudden Arrhythmic Death - Advice and support after Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome

Drug and Alcohol Addiction - Support for those who have lost someone through substance misuse.

Road Peace The sudden, unexpected and traumatic experience of a road death or serious injury can be emotionally overwhelming. RoadPeace is here to help you.

Breaking Bad News - Advice on breaking bad news to someone with an intellectual disability

Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse - Help guiding families through Inquiries including Domestic Homicide Reviews and Mental Health Reviews, Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiries and other reviews.

Support after Suicide Partnership - Advice and guidance to all those affected by suicide

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide - Helping overcome isolation of those bereaved by suicide (over 18)

War Widows - Advice and help to all those who have been widowed in conflict since WW2


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