CuddleCot Face-to-Face Study Days

Clinical-based baby and child loss training available in the UK

At CuddleCot, we’re passionate about high-quality bereavement care and facilitating memories for families, which is why we launched our clinical-focused face-to-face bereavement training day.

We have full-day agendas that can be structured to suit different workplaces including maternity, gynaecology, paediatrics and hospices.

We also endeavour to work with charities in your local area for staff to familiarise themselves with work that is done locally to support families in your area.


Who funds the study day?

  • Study days can be funded by families in memory of their loved ones, and we can personalise the printed information and presentation on the day to reflect this. We can also provide a memento for families who sponsor study days. 
  • Charities can also fund Study Days in memory, should they wish to.
  • Hospitals and hospices can partner with charities to fund study days
  • Student unions and societies
  • Organisations like the RCM also have grant opportunities for training

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CuddleCot Training

Training is delivered over a full day from 9am until 5pm (we require one hour each side of the day to set up/pack away)

CuddleCot Training

The day can be delivered to a maximum of 50 attendees to allow a personal and interactive environment.

CuddleCot Training

All attendees will receive a certificate and resources.

An example of a full day agenda

  • Definitions and terminology related to baby loss (pre-learning materials)
  • Communication around diagnosis and loss
  • Legalities, the coroner and registering a birth, death and Stillbirth
  • Labour and delivery when a baby has died and emergency procedures including interactive emergency skills drills
  • Signs of Life and babies born before the age of “viability”
  • Maceration and decomposition
  • Keeping baby cool
  • Use of the CuddleCot within a hospital environment and at home (and CuddleBlanket, where appropriate)
  • Post mortem, the procedure and additional investigations
  • Religion and baby loss
  • Interactive Memory Making Workshop including inkless prints, clay prints, 3D Casts, memory boxes and fingerprints
  • Self care and trauma
  • Parent accounts from guest speakers
  • Signposting and support from businesses and charities

Interactive Memory Making Workshop

The workshop incorporates many aspects of memory-making that are offered in hospital and hospice settings including:

  • Memory boxes – we have memory boxes offered by 4Louis to see options available to families
  • Inkless hand and footprints – an opportunity to create hand and footprints using our specialist dolls
  • Clay imprints – hands-on experience of how to prepare and create clay imprints using soft and hard clay as well as personalising these using our memory-making kit for families.
  • Photographs – Access our memory book which is filled with photographs provided to us to help educate, and learn basic skills to create photographs for everlasting memories for families without the need for expensive equipment or photography knowledge.
  • 3D Casting – learn the basic principles of creating casts to provide these to families.
CuddleCot Face to Face Study Days
CuddleCot Training - Memory Making Workshop

University, Hospital and Hospice Study Days

If you'd like to know more about booking a training day with us click the button below.

Testimonials from previous CuddleCot Study Days

Today was amazing. I would feel more comfortable now with helping a family. I never knew or thought about a baby’s skin and the importance of keeping cool. It was also great exposure for me to see these earlier in pregnancy. Thank you.

I found the session very informative and I am grateful not only for the learning but for the exposure to the subject matter and reality of seeing these babies and role-playing with dolls before seeing for real on placement. I know feel more emotionally prepared and empowered with knowledge.

Thoroughly enjoyed today’s training day. The resources, scenarios and activities were so realistic and helpful. I think this should be compulsory for all student midwives. Thank you so much.

I found today very interesting. It has also been very sensitively handled when the content has been delivered.

Really valuable learning. Thank you.

Steph is fantastic! Easy to talk/listen to. I would love to have more bereavement training at Uni.

I have really enjoyed today’s session and found it very informative and beneficial. I enjoyed learning about the different gestations and what is needed at each stage.

I have more of an understanding of the process and more of a feeling of calm going into a bereavement situation.

Such an informative day! Thank you so much, I feel more prepared on how to support a family making memories with their precious baby.

Today has been so crucial to my development toward becoming a midwife. It should be part of the education curriculum.

CuddleCot Face to Face Study Days
CuddleCot Training
CuddleCot Training - Memory Making Workshop
CuddleCot Training - Memory Making Workshop
CuddleCot Training - Memory Making Workshop
CuddleCot Training - Memory Making Workshop

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