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Looking to support bereaved parents in your organisation?

Below are just some of the incredible organisations around the world providing vital support and memory making services to bereaved families.

UK and Ireland:

4Louis -

SiMBA Charity -

Milly Rose Stirrup -



Mothers of Held Angels (MOHA) - order angel boxes

Our Angel Boxes provide memory making tools for families to use in the hospital. After our in-service is complete with a hospital, they are eligible to refill their angel boxes by clicking on the link below.

Loving Tanner - Order a Forget-Me-Not Box

This box includes items for those experiencing a miscarriage from any gestation to 18 weeks.

Loving Tanner - Order a Love & Loss Care Box

This box includes items specifically chosen for those experiencing a loss
18 weeks to full-term. These are also suitable for infant loss up to a year old.
Miles' Mission - Order Forget me not boxes 
Mothers facing the heartache of loss often seek something tangible to hold onto, something that represents the love they have for their precious ones. Forget-Me-Not Baskets are lovingly crafted to provide mothers with a comforting physical reminder


Remember My Baby - Further information

Freephone number 0808 189 2345


USA and International:

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Remembrance portraits - Find a photographer




Brooks Bereavement Bears - Order a Brooks Bereavement Bear


Loving Tanner - Order a Sibling box

These are for the siblings of the baby who has passed. These include a Cuddle Bear Teddy and Book as well as coloring book and crayons.


These bundles are for women who are currently pregnant that have experienced a loss in a previous pregnancy.


Forever Finley (23 weeks gestation onwards)

Location: Essex, Kent and parts of Suffolk

We cast babies from 23 gestation onwards.  We can cast at the Hospital or Funeral Homes, before or after post mortem.  We can also cast even if babies skin condition is quite poor as usually the soles of babies feet and the palms of hands are usually perfect.  Please talk to us about any concerns or worries.

The process involves pushing babies feet into a pot of alginate.  Alginate is completely safe and non toxic, it is used by dentists for mouth moulds.  We then wait a few minutes for the alginate to go hard.  Once hard, we then wriggle babies hands/feet out of the mould.  We will then fill the mould with plaster and then once this has set, we demould it.  The plaster has to be left to dry fully before finishing and painting.  The whole process can take up to 6 to 8 weeks before the casts are returned.  The casts can be provided loose or framed, painted or unpainted, we will make recommendations based on the quality of the casts and can advise how best to protect them. 

Parents can be present if they wish for the casting process or a consent form can be completed to provide Forever Finley with authority to cast



Little Cloud (Formerly Judah’s cloud)

Location: Across UK

We train midwives, nicu nurses and other healthcare professionals to take moulds from babies before shipping them to our HQ where they are filled and finished to a high standard.

The casts are then returned to the hospital after 3-4 months where they can be collected. This process ensures the safest service for everyone involved and provides a continuity of care when it is needed most.”

When we partner with a hospital or hospice we’ll arrange a face to face training date or send you video files to arrange dates with smaller groups of staff. We then send all the equipment and materials you need. You’ll be trained to take moulds of baby’s feet, and provided with all the instructions to send those to Little Cloud HQ to be filled and finished before being returned to you. Please email to join our waiting list or discuss casting in your hospital or hospice


Little Cloud (Formerly Judah’s Cloud)

Location: Across UK

Providing micro-prem clothing & 3D casting to hospitals, children's hospices & funeral directors across the UK.

We create clothing especially for babies who are smaller than standard “premature” sized clothing.

Sets contain two identical sleepsuit and hats; so parents can keep something their baby has worn or a replica of it.

Duo boxes come in four sizes, ranging from approximately 18 weeks to 32 weeks gestation.

How does it work:

“As with 3D casting, we currently run a waiting list for our tiny clothing boxes. Once you reach the top of the list you will be provided with a link to order new boxes as and when you need them. We ask that when joining the list you give us a rough estimate of the number you will need per year. We won’t hold you to this number and it won’t impact your position on the waiting list – but it does help us to plan and allocate our resources. Once you are partnered with us to provide tiny clothing we want to keep a constant supply for you, so knowing these figures in advance helps up to make sure we can continue doing this.”

To join the waitlist, please email


Holy Sews Burial Clothing - Learn more


Helen James Foundation - Learn more

Be like the willow - Learn more

Miles's Mission - Learn more

Gemma's Hope Book Carts - Learn more

If you have a suggestion for our directory please contact: with the subject line: Charity Directory CuddleCot WebsiteThank you.

UK based charities

Maggies stillbirth legacy logo
remember Rufus

4 Louis (UK)

4 Louis support families through miscarriage, stillbirth and child loss.

They fundraise for CuddleCots, CuddleBlankets and Bereavement Boxes.

Maggie's Stillbirth Legacy (UK)

Sarah Bernasconi-Parsons's daughter Maggie was born sleeping in June 2015. Sarah wanted to do something to keep her daughter’s legacy alive, which is when she launched Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy

They fundraise for CuddleCots and CuddleBlankets, raise awareness and support families.

Maggie's Stillbirth Legacy

Remember Rufus (UK)

"Our mission to make sure every family has the option to use a Cuddle Cot, either in hospital or at home, to have the time to say the hardest goodbye "

They fundraise for CuddleCots for NHS hospitals.

Luca Foundation (UK)

"Our mission is to provide a CuddleCot for every maternity unit in the UK"

They fundraise for CuddleCots, spare parts and training.

Féileacáin (Ireland)

Féileacáin was formed by a group of bereaved parents to offer support to anyone affected by the death of a baby around the time of birth.

They fundraise for CuddleCots, memory Boxes, Imprints So Precious, Remmebrance Candles & more.

US based charities

's Embrace
Helen James foundation

Ashlies Embrace (US)

Erin and Anthony Maroon’s first child, Ashlie, was stillborn at full term in October 2015. 

Ashlie’s Embrace provides CuddleCots to medical facilities across the United States to help support families experiencing stillbirth or infant loss.

Listen to founder Erin as she talks about the mission of Ashlie's embrace: Spotify / Apple podcasts

Loving Tanner (US)

Loving Tanner work to educate the public and break the stigma associated with pregnancy and infant loss. Their organisation is part of the initiative to place a Cuddle Cot in every US hospital.

They fundraise for CuddleCots, and offer care boxes, peer support, certificates of life, and remembrance items all free of charge

Mothers of Held Angels (US)

MOHA provides comfort boxes to grieving families in the hospital including “Day of Loss Resources” explaining what to expect in those initial days and ways to make memories with their babies.

It is their mission to provide a CuddleCot and CuddleBlanker to as many hospitals as possible

The Helen James Foundation (US)

The Helen James foundation supports grieving families who have experienced a pregnancy and infant loss or infertility. They provide CuddleCots, bereavement rooms and have partnered with the Texas Health Resources.

rain bowie
Born sleeping
Penny Mae
Chandler and paisley

Rain-Bowie Foundation (US, Louisiana) 

Rain-Bowie's mission is to fundraise so they can "fill every hospital in Louisiana with an ample amount of CuddleCots and help beautiful families with fertility finances."


Born Sleeping Foundation (US)

The Born Sleeping Foundation started as a way to honor the memory of our baby, Wesley, who passed away as a full term baby in April 2021. The Foundation’s goal is to donate a CuddleCot to a new hospital every year in Wesley’s memory.

The PennyMae Project (US)

"On May 22, 2019, our baby (Penelope Mae) was born after she had died in utero at full term one day earlier.
In most cases, this is the end of the story between parent and stillborn child. In our case, we were given the incredible gift of time with a CuddleCot."

Chandler & Paisley Skies (US)

Shortly after Chandler and Paisely passed away, friends began to send Dusty and Michelle pictures of brilliant pink and blue skies. Soon, these skies became known as #chandlerandpaisleyskies

They are non-profit foundation established to place CuddleCots in US hospitals, to help bereaved parents have more time with babies.

Canadian based charities

MGF Logo (white)

Maxwell George Fleming Foundation

"The Maxwell George Fleming Foundation’s mission is to provide hospitals in Canada with CuddleCot’s™, which allow bereaved families experiencing the loss of an infant the ability to spend more physical time with their child and to ensure all hospitals in Canada have access to a CuddleCot™"

Instagram: @mgffoundation

Facebook: MGF Foundation


Spainish based charities

el legado de oliver

El Legado De Oliver

Natalie and Manuel raise funds to donate CuddleCots to Spanish hospitals. Their initiative aims to provide other families with the precious gift of time that they, unfortunately, didn't have the chance to have with Oliver.

Facebook Page

Do you need to speak to someone now?


Samaritans 116 123 (UK)For anyone, at anytime, for any reason
Childline0800 1111Support for 18yrs & under and their relatives
Silverline0800 470 8090Support for the over 50's


Useful links: National Specialist Support Services

The Good Grief Trust - Find local support to you

Cruse - Largest national charity for the bereaved

London Friend - Support and counselling for the LGB&T community

Winston's Wish - Specialist support for bereaved children and their families

Grief Encounter - Support for bereaved children and their families

Sue Ryder Online Community and Online Bereavement Counselling

Sudden - Support for people bereaved by sudden death

Muslim Bereavement Support Service - Support for Muslim women after the death of a loved one

Jewish Bereavement Support Services - Support for the Jewish community after a death

Sudden Arrhythmic Death - Advice and support after Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome

Drug and Alcohol Addiction - Support for those who have lost someone through substance misuse.

Road Peace The sudden, unexpected and traumatic experience of a road death or serious injury can be emotionally overwhelming. RoadPeace is here to help you.

Breaking Bad News - Advice on breaking bad news to someone with an intellectual disability

Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse - Help guiding families through Inquiries including Domestic Homicide Reviews and Mental Health Reviews, Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiries and other reviews.

Support after Suicide Partnership - Advice and guidance to all those affected by suicide

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide - Helping overcome isolation of those bereaved by suicide (over 18)

War Widows - Advice and help to all those who have been widowed in conflict since WW2


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