Giving grieving families the gift of time

Providing grieving families time through the use of the CuddleCot is internationally encouraged by midwives, bereavement practitioners and academics. Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby and helps them in dealing with their loss.

Cooling the baby is absolutely essential and this is where the CuddleCot comes in.

The CuddleCot cools to an ideal temperature for preserving baby without being too cold for the parents.

In use in thousands of hospitals across the world, the CuddleCot allows the family to spend precious time with their baby.


How it works

Moses Basket Baby CuddleCot

The CuddleCot cooling pad is placed in any Moses basket, crib or bed. It is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot cooling unit.

The CuddleCot's thin, soft cooling pad is placed on top of the soft mattress which ensures the baby is fully cushioned and comfortable. The CuddleCot system comes with two sizes of cooling pads for premature and full-term babies.

The CuddleCot is designed to be used with the specially adapted Shnuggle Moses basket. The basket has been specially moulded to accommodate the cooling pad and hose.

At home use

Holding Baby CuddleCot

A growing number of hospitals are allowing families to take their baby home to spend time with them before the funeral.

The CuddleCot is portable and simple to use with minimal professional instruction.

In addition, the CuddleCot allows you to cool babies at home in their own cot, crib or Moses basket.

Benefits of the CuddleCot

CuddleCot Equipment

Quiet and Discreet: The CuddleCot uses whisper-quiet technology that produces a similar sound to a small desk fan.

Portable: The CuddleCot is very compact and lightweight at only 3.8kg (8.3lbs).

Non-medical look and feel: The CuddleCot allows baby to be cared for in any setting including a cot, moses basket or a bed. This allows families to see their baby in a normal environment for a baby that is not too dissimilar to what they would have at home.

Parent-friendly: The CuddleCot can be placed next to a bed at home or in the hospital. Parents are then able to look into the cot knowing that baby is being well cared for next to them.

Flexibility: The CuddleCot is compatible with any other cot/moses basket that a family wishes to use. In addition, the CuddleCot cooling pad can even be paced on a bed with the parents.

Transportable: The CuddleCot can be used in a hospital, at home, or in a funeral home.

Supports families: The CuddleCot enables families to be present with their baby, have more time and create memories whilst they are being cared for by their health care professionals.

Environment: The CuddleCot does not use traditional refrigeration processes or use any refrigerants. Therefore, no environmentally harmful pressurized refrigerant gas is used in the CuddleCot.

Easy to Clean: The CuddleCot can be cleaned with plastic safe sanitiser. The cooling pad can be cleaned with a hospital-approved sanitising cleaner. It is optional if the bedding is to be used with the CuddleCot, but it can be simply laundered after use.

Easy to Store: The CuddleCot is stored in the small bespoke carry case (supplied with every order). Unfortunately, there is a need for more than one CuddleCot to be available at a hospital. Therefore, storage space may be a consideration when storing multiple units.

Easy to Maintain and Service: The CuddleCot has very few moving parts, which lowers the risk of a breakdown. If there are any issues, we have a helpful servicing team, and it can be sent to us for repair.

Fast order fulfilment: With stock held in Europe, the USA, and Australia we can ensure fast delivery across the World.

Servicing the CuddleCot

The CuddleCot™ is provided with a 12-month warranty. After that, we are pleased to offer a range of enhanced service and support options for the CuddleCot.

For added peace of mind, we also offer an extended warranty. This can be taken at the point of sale or during the first year of ownership and will run seamlessly after the first 12-month warranty.

We're committed to helping you get the most from these important resources and help ensure your CuddleCot is always ready for use when you need it.

As the innovators of the CuddleCot, we have many years and much experience in its upkeep and have all the expertise, tools and experience to keep this asset in the best working condition.

Flexmort technician servicing the CuddleCot cooling unit and cooling pad

Shop CuddleCot Spares

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For sales outside of the UK, please email

Listen to the Mothers of Held Angels Podcast

MOHA and CuddleCot discuss the importance of time a CuddleCot device can provide for families after the loss of their baby. MOHA shares their personal testimonies to the product while learning how the idea was developed and the emotional feedback they receive from other families who have used the device. Tune in to hear how MOHA and CuddleCot can help change the stigma and awareness surrounding stillbirth and neonatal death.

What parents are saying

Sutton Jones

South Carolina, USA

I can't even explain how helpful the CuddleCot was to us. We have memories with our daughter that we never would have had. We got to hold her, kiss her, change her, take pictures with her, spend the night with her, just love her as our child. Time is a precious thing and we were so thankful that our hospital had a CuddleCot.

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