CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket Product Training

With your purchase of a CuddleCot or CuddleBlanket, we can provide full product training.

Training is recommended via our cascade training for those who will be responsible for the CuddleCot and this will enable them to disseminate training.

A cascade training module for CuddleBlanket will be launched in the near future.

We also host a monthly CuddleCot Clinic, held online, on the first Wednesday of every month at 2pm GMT.

The CuddleCot Clinic is ideal for anyone wishing to train specifically on the CuddleCot or to be used as a refresher.

Group Training

If you're based within the UK and have training requirements on the CuddleCot or CuddleBlanket for a group of more than 10 staff, we can facilitate face-to-face training.

Will Charles providing CuddleBlanket Training
CuddleCot Training - Memory Making Workshop

Training Videos

Watch our training videos

CuddleCot Face to Face Study Days

Face-to-Face Study Days

Including Memory-Making Workshops

CuddleBlanket Training

Product Training

CuddleCot & CuddleBlanket

CuddleCot Cascade Training

Cascade Training

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