Clinicians CuddleCot Testimonials

Care shouldn’t end after death.

At CuddleCot, we believe in ensuring quality care for every family, even after death. Read heartfelt testimonials from healthcare professionals about the importance of offering families the choice to use the CuddleCot. Discover how CuddleCot empowers clinicians to provide a higher level of compassionate support by giving families precious time to create lasting memories, facilitate family visits, and make necessary arrangements while keeping their baby close.


"Providing compassionate care for grieving families is essential for hospitals. When loss occurs on an obstetrical unit, whether expected or unexpected, the gift of offering time can help to facilitate the transition from the anticipation of parenthood to the death of a baby." - RPMH Obstetrics Team, Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater, Texas


Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital in Sweetwater, Texas.

"A CuddleCot is an invaluable tool that allows parents and families the gift of unrestricted time to spend with their babies who have passed. This allows other family members to come share in this precious time and gives the parents all the time they need to say goodbye. I am so grateful for this opportunity to enhance our care for grieving families" - Suzy Zimmerman CNMMidcoast Hospital

“I have cared for numerous families whose baby’s have died either during pregnancy or shortly after birth. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to provide a CuddleCot to the families in my care. Sadly, I can be caring for more than one bereaved family at a time so having several cots available is essential.”

These words echo the sentiment shared by countless families who have found solace and comfort through the use of a CuddleCot during their time of grief.

“I talk to parents about the CuddleCot early on; I explain that this special cooling device is put inside the baby’s bassinet/crib or their baby can be swaddled as they rest on the mat. I explain that the purpose of this device is to keep their baby cool; I gently explain that they are cooled to an optimum temperature and will never get too cold. 

Keeping their baby cool in this way allows them time to bond together as a family, the way they would have done in the first few days of life, had their baby have lived. It also allows them to make precious memories with their baby, whether that be time spent cuddling, bathing or dressing their baby. Their baby is able to be close to them whether that be in their crib or sleeping with them in their bed.”

As a bereavement midwife, I have watched on quietly as parents share a double bed, their baby resting on a mat in between them. They  spent a long time looking at every part of them. They have taken in all the creases on the soles of their feet, their little button nose, their long eyelashes. They have read a bedtime story and sung a lullaby to them. They have told them how they resemble their big sister or they have their dad’s long fingers and would have likely have played the piano. They have told them how much they loved them and cried together for hours.  Without them lying on this cooling mat, none of this would have been possible. “

These powerful moments of connection, made possible by the gentle cooling provided by a CuddleCot, highlight the importance of creating lasting memories with loved ones, no matter how fleeting their time together may be.

“I always say to the families in my care ‘I’m so sorry that the time you have with your baby is limited, you should have endless time to learn about them and make memories together, however I will help you make as many memories as possible together in the short time that you have. Forming these bonds and creating these memories together would not be possible without the use of a CuddleCot.”

Siân Ness, RM, BSc (Hons), Winner of the RCM ‘Excellence in Bereavement Care’ Award 2021



"The CuddleCot brings so much comfort to these patients that are in this heartbreaking situation. Often times it feels like such a rushed process and this helps immensely" - Labor and Delivery Nurse, Riverview Regional Medical Center



“Using a CuddleCot ensures an adequate temperature is maintained to keep the baby cool,” said Christie-Ann. “It slows down the process of the natural changes that occur when a baby sadly dies. Parents are encouraged to keep their baby on the mat when they are not having cuddles or making memories to ensure they can spend as much time with their baby as they want. They can also choose to take their baby home with them and the CuddleCot is provided for them to use within their own home."

“Recently we had numerous families on the labour ward at the same time whose babies had died and we were short of CuddleCots."

“Having discussed this issue during support group the parents very kindly donated a third cot to the hospital, which was delivered within the week.”

Christie-Ann said it was "important to offer families the choice to use the CuddleCot, every family grieves differently and some might choose to use it for hour, days or not at all."

“All staff respect everyone’s decisions and will always provide individualised care to ensure all wishes are respected,” she said.

“As well as the CuddleCot we offer to take photographs, hand and foot prints, locks of baby hair, dressing and bathing baby and will try and meet all parents’ requests where possible. The memory-making we offer will last a lifetime. It is really important we offer parents all options so they can make an informed choice."

“They might change their mind in time, whether it be in weeks, months or  years down the line, and we will not be able to get those moments back. All photographs are stored on an individual sim card, and hand- and footprints can be placed in a memory box and given to parents if they wish to keep them for a later date.”

- Swansea Bay’s specialist bereavement midwife Christie-Ann Lang

Swansea Bay’s specialist bereavement midwife Christie-Ann Lang