Call for Coventry University pilot study participants

Would you be interested in helping to shape a new research project on how parents and families can best be supported through pregnancy loss and baby loss?

We are calling for parents in the UK who have experienced pregnancy loss or baby loss to take part in a small pilot study run by Coventry University on Friday 5th May 2023.

Please read below the outline of the study and how you can contact them:

Creative Interventions in Bereavement Care Following Pregnancy Loss: Pilot Study

 Have you or your partner experienced pregnancy loss or baby loss (including miscarriage, stillbirth, or termination for medical reasons), and the loss occurred more than six months ago? 
Would you be interested in taking part in a small research study about how creative writing can be used to support bereavement care following pregnancy loss and baby loss?
If you choose to take part, we would like to invite you to Coventry University on Friday, May 5th, from 10:00-3:00. The day will be split into two parts. In the morning, you’ll be invited to participate in a creative writing workshop led by a trained therapist with expertise in creative writing. In it, you will be asked to produce a drawing and two short pieces of creative writing. You will then be asked to share your drawing and pieces of writing with one of the researchers and discuss the process you went through in completing it, along with the meanings you were seeking to convey. We will also ask you some follow-up questions about what it was like to participate in the workshop.
Your travel costs will be reimbursed, and lunch will be provided. If you would like to participate but are unable to travel, there is an option to attend on Zoom.
If you are interested in participating, or if you would like any more information, please contact Dr Sarah Turner (, Assistant Professor of Cognitive Linguistics, Centre for Arts, Memory and Communities, Coventry University.

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