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Giving grieving families the gift of time

CuddleCot and the CuddleBlanket, provide grieving families an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones without having to cool the whole room.

Our parent company designs and manufactures flexible mortuary solutions for the storage and cooling of the deceased.

We assist hospitals, funeral directors, hospices, governments, charities and families in the design and deployment of both temporary and permanent mortuary systems.

CuddleCot cooling cot with cooling unit and Moses basket

Meet the Team

Kevin Crute

Kevin Crute (He/Him) – Managing Director

Kevin has extensive executive-level leadership experience in non-profit and commercial organisations across retail, pharmacy, healthcare, and the funeral profession. During his career at Boots the Chemist Kevin led teams across several functions including Retail and Pharmacy Trading, Operations and Property. Kevin felt compelled to join the funeral profession after the death of his mother where the customer experience received from the funeral director fell far short of expectations.

Kevin led the 4th largest funeral provider in the UK where he was passionate about improving the standards of service and care by successfully introducing many transformational initiatives including being the first funeral organisation in the UK to purchase CuddleCots placing 10 CuddleCots across the estate to offer better support to families experiencing baby loss.

The vision for CuddleCot is therefore very close to Kevin’s heart… trusted experts and educators providing solutions and support that offer the highest standards of care for deceased adults and babies across the world.

Steve Huggins

Steve Huggins (He/Him) – Commercial Director

Steve brings a wealth of experience across various fields including PPE, CBRN, large-scale decontamination, mass fatality, capacity issues and solutions. Steve is very customer-focused and has been key to driving growth both within the UK and with overseas customers.

He was also one half of the team behind the concept and design of the CuddleCot and feels very passionately that every family should have the choice of spending time with their baby when they have died.

Speaking with families who have used the CuddleCot and hearing their stories and sharing these with the team makes him very proud that CuddleCot have helped in some small way.

Mark Rose

Mark Rose (He/Him) – Technical Sales Manager

Mark’s passion for all things automotive led him to a 27-year career in the motor trade where he benefited from wide-ranging experience especially within aftersales. Mark is part of the original start-up team that began CuddleCot’s journey to where it is now.

Mark has brought his experience to assist with the development of many of our products, building a great aftersales offering as well as operational duties. He’s particularly proud of CuddleCot’s servicing with an expanding team supported by our driven admin and logistics colleagues. He strives to instil in his team a can-do approach and personal touch in all our interactions.

His motivation is the feedback and stories from families, charities and health professionals that our products have helped in some small way at the worst of times.

Steph Wild – Bereavement Consultant and Relationship Manager

Steph Wild (She/Her) – Bereavement Consultant & Relationship Manager

Steph joined the CuddleCot team in October 2022. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in health care and specifically in bereavement.

Steph’s focus is to enhance the service we provide by providing a seamless and supportive environment throughout from order, delivery, and use of the CuddleCot.

She works alongside health professionals, charities, non-profits, and families.

Will Charles

Will Charles (He/Him) – Customer Service Advisor

Will has previous employment in person-centred roles including adult social care and the probation service. His experience in these roles enables him to ensure that the customers are listened to and that all needs and requests are met quickly and efficiently.

Will delivers training on both CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket and enjoys meeting the end users of our products and ensuring that they are able to correctly use our products and give families the gift of time. Will's passion for the work we do can be seen in his training which can be provided around the UK or via our monthly CuddleCot Clinic available online worldwide.

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones (He/Him)


Ryan graduated from The University of the West of England where he spent 4 years studying Accounting and Finance.

Becky Cole

Becky Cole (She/Her)


Becky supports the sales and accounting departments. Becky has many years of experience within the NHS environment.

Simon Riese

Simon Riese (He/Him)


Simon brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the exporting and importing of goods, both internationally and nationally.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones (He/Him)


Ben is responsible for the servicing of CuddleBlanket and CuddleCot, along with the delivery, collection and installation of AirCool.

Brian Wilkinson

Brian Wilkinson (He/Him)


Brian has professional driving experience as well as technical roles within the private sector and NHS.

Mobile and versatile mortuary cooling

Our parent company's mortuary systems have revolutionised mobile body cooling allowing the deceased to be cooled with dignity and without the need for large traditional mortuary refrigerators.

In 2016, we won the prestigious "Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation" and in 2015, the "Excellence in Innovation Award" at the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. We also won the 2013 "Big Ideas Business Award" at The University of Warwick for innovation.

Donation of CuddleCot cooling cot with carry case and Moses basket

Our Values

SUPPORT – Focused on transforming the standards of care for the deceased across the world. We provide support for families, health care and death care professionals by offering the best solutions.

TRUST – We protect and build on our reputation to be reliable, good, and honest; offering trusted expertise, educational support and solutions.

CARE – We give our utmost attention and thought to everything we do and say. Our brand and customers are precious.

PASSION – Our intense emotional connection drives compelling action that makes a difference.

EXCELLENCE – We are unrelenting in our mission.

EQUALITY – We ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talent.

How we can support you

Grief Support

Our online Grief Support chat is now available online.


Find a range of enhanced service, warranty and repair options.


Find setting up and troubleshooting manuals and videos.


The only clinical-based baby loss training in the UK


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket.


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