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The CuddleCot & CuddleBlanket Mobile and versatile cooling.

The CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket provide grieving families an opportunity to spend time with their loved ones without having to cool the whole room.

Some families wish to spend time with their loved ones either at home, in the hospice or at the hospital, rather than visiting a mortuary.

The portable CuddleCot and CuddleBlanket allow families to cool a baby, child or adult who has died, thereby preserving their appearance, condition and dignity.


CuddleCot offers free online product cascade training and e-learning bereavement care modules to healthcare professionals, non-profits and charities around the world.

They also take their clinical led, face to face bereavement care study days, to universities, hospitals and hospices around the UK.

CuddleCot Unit Equipment

The CuddleCot is a small, portable, lightweight unit that enables families experiencing the loss of their baby at any age or gestation to spend more time with them and enables more time to create memories. 

The unit is connected to a hose and mat. The baby is placed on top of the mat which is continually cooled and direct contact with the mat ensures that baby remains cool too. 

The mat can be placed in any setting to suit the family and where they would like their baby to be. The mat is available in two sizes to suit premature babies and older babies. The mat can be placed in any Moses basket, cot, or bassinet and can be placed in bed with parents or even in their arms. This offers a flexible way to cool baby that is adaptable to the needs of the family. 

Keeping baby cool extends the time before changes and signs of deterioration commence. Families can have as long as they wish with their baby and the CuddleCot means they have this option in the hospital, at home or at the funeral home.

CuddleBlanket 2024

A CuddleBlanket cooling blanket is a cooling device that can be used with babies who may be too large to utilise the CuddleCot, as well as toddlers, children and adults.

A CuddleBlanket provides a flexible system to eliminate the need for cold rooms and allow families to spend precious time with their baby or child in a more comfortable setting.

The CuddleBlanket is a small machine connected to a hose which is then attached to a large blanket-style mat. This is placed over the top of a baby or child similarly to a duvet and their own blanket/duvet or duvet cover can be added on top to personalise their bed.

The CuddleBlanket can be used in many settings including hospitals, at home or at funeral homes, allowing flexible means for families to be with their loved ones.

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CuddleCot Testimonial

When Alana came into the world at 37 weeks, silent and still, I felt all the pride that any mother does after delivering their baby. I cuddled her, bathed her, and dressed her in the outfit that had been bought to take her home in. I was in a blissful bubble that allowed me to mother her and the fact she wasn't alive didn't change that.

However, very soon the bubble burst, and reality hit. I didn't want this to end. I needed to stay with her. I wasn't ready to say goodbye. It had been a few hours since she was born and the nurse asked if we wanted the CuddleCot for her to lay in. I didn't really understand what this was but I remember being told it would keep her cool and slow down any change in her appearance.

I agreed to the CuddleCot still not really understanding how it worked. I felt anxious as I imagined the cot to be something that I wouldn't really want to put my baby in. Once ready, I nervously walked down the corridor holding Alana, and entered the room. I looked for the CuddleCot but what I saw was a lovely wicker Moses basket. The same kind that you would see in any living baby's nursery. I laid Alana in the CuddleCot and made her comfortable, surrounded by her teddies and blankets. Her dad and I managed to get some sleep whilst she lay beside us.

The CuddleCot gave us the gift of time and with this time we made memories. Our family was able to come and see Alana on different days without overwhelming us all at once. I was able to stay overnight with her, cuddling her and doing 'normal' things like watching my favourite TV shows. I was able to really spend time looking at her and talking to her. Reading stories to her and playing music. The CuddleCot allowed me to slow down in a time of chaos. It allowed me to take some control as I was able to choose when the time was right for us to say goodbye.

It was only really after we said goodbye that I fully appreciated how vital the CuddleCot was for us. If we didn't have it then we would not have been able to create such precious memories. I am eternally grateful to St Mary's for providing us with a CuddleCot and I believe that it is vital for all bereaved families to have access to one.

Mary Murray

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